Energy Prices: How to Save on Your Bills This Year

 Energy Prices: How to Save on Your Bills This Year

Your home is your biggest asset. When you’re completing the final touches on a remodeling project, you might be tempted to rent a professional electrician to help you finish on time. But if you’re like many Americans, you probably don’t have electricians in your living room or kitchen who can help you with electrical jobs throughout the house. You probably don’t even know how much your electricity costs! The good news is that getting an accurate idea of how much your bill will cost this year will save you money in the long run. Imagine not having to pay so much for such little service. That’s what changing your energy habits is going to do for you.


What Will It Cost Me This Year?

The good news is that most home bills are predictable. If you know what your bill will be in a given month, you can take steps to prepare for it. Even if you don’t know exactly how much your bill will be in a given month, you can estimate it. A good rule of thumb is to figure out your total monthly expenses and then divide it by 12. If your monthly expenses are $300 and you have a $12 monthly bill, you have a $3.50 chunk removed from your monthly bill. That’s how you can estimate your bill for the upcoming month. If you’re on a very low income, you may be able to reduce your monthly bill by deferring certain bills or changing your regular bill-paying routine. You can also call your electrician and ask him to lower your electric bill. You can also look into getting a Smart Meter and see if you can save on your electric bill this way.

Why Is Electricity Such A Big Deal?

If you’ve ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high, you’re not alone. Most people think that electricity is free, when in fact it costs about the same as natural gas and is cheaper than coal. But the reality is that electricity costs more to produce than fossil fuels because it uses up more energy to create each dollar’s worth of electricity. And since incomes around the world are connected to the value of the dollar, a higher cost of living in a country like India can lead to higher prices for Americans.

How do I Save On My Bill?

If you’re on a fixed income and you’re wondering how you can save on your bill this year, you have a few options. The first is to change your regular bill-paying routine. If you normally pay your electricity and water bill on a fixed-date month, you may want to change it up to save on your bill. Another way to save on your bill is to invest in solar panels or wind machines. These types of renewable systems don’t require a large upfront cost and can be easily profitable once you start generating power. If you can’t afford to invest in renewable, at least look into buying a Smart Meter or installing a Weather Station. These devices can help you save on your e-bill. And if all that isn’t enough, you might want to consider a Holiday Savings program. Most electricity providers offer a special price for last month’s bill. And if you’re flexible with your scheduling, you may be able to save even more.

Key Elements Of An Effective Savings Plan

You’ve likely heard all the buzz about how efficient your home is and how much it costs to run it. But what you might not know is that there are also 3 key elements to an effective home savings plan. They are:

  1. Decreasing your overall usage – Using less generally means using less electricity.
  2. Reducing your monthly bill – By changing your regular bill-paying routine, you can lower your overall bill this year.
  3. Improving your efficiency – This is where audit comes into play. An audit will help you determine what needs to be replaced in your house to improve efficiency.


Planning for winter – Make sure to have an efficiency plan for the winter months. Look into creating a winter climate-friendly home.

Common mistakes Saving 

Mistake number one is not using -efficient appliances and fixtures in your home. The average American uses 9% more than necessary. And yet, we don’t usually think about changing our appliances or fixtures until we’re in the midst of a remodeling project. That’s why an -efficient plan should start way before you start ripping out old cabinets and fixtures. Start planning a year, and you’ll have a much better chance of reducing your overall bill this year.

It’s no secret that modern technology has made many traditional household tasks less necessary. From doing your taxes online to watching YouTube videos while you sip your morning coffee, modern life has made many tasks – from the most mundane to the most challenging – energy-consuming. Unfortunately, to save energy, you have to look inside yourself and ask yourself – what is the point of doing that task at all?

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