From the Arctic to the Amazon: A Year of Epic Adventures

 From the Arctic to the Amazon: A Year of Epic Adventures

You know that feeling when you’re just about to hit your stride and everything starts falling into place? When you finally feel like America and Europe. The year started slowly. Everything is in place, ready to go? Well, for me this realization came in the form of a year spent traveling throughout the North. My friends and family were all too busy or preoccupied with their problems to notice or care about mine. It didn’t help that my internship at an online magazine only provided me with a limited set of hours each day to pursue my interests. My travel plans for the year were also put on hold due to financial reasons but were ultimately decided upon once I realized I needed new challenges in my life. In case you can’t tell from my title… Yes, this was an epic rollercoaster of a year filled with adventures. For every destination photo posted on social media, it felt as if there was another one being saved as a reference for another trip in the future.


Adventure is an emotion

As soon as I stepped foot on an airplane and realized I wouldn’t be able to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the places I’d been so eager to visit, I lost it. The emotions I experienced on this trip were not just unique to this year but to all my previous ones. It feels great to be back in New York, which I’ve been missing for the past month. Going home has also been difficult. I miss my family and friends so much, and I’m worried that my depression will follow me back home.

During my year abroad, I met a ton of amazing characters. I’ve made many new friends and gained a lot of insight into myself and my trip. There are so many amazing places to visit on foot that it’s a shame to select just a few. There are entire cities, villages, and regions that you can explore on foot. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting a destination where walking is a natural movement, not a strenuous one, you’ll get away with much.

Traveling bike or on a motorbike

I’ve always been a fan of traveling by motorbike and traveling by bike in particular, but for various reasons, I wasn’t able to do so this year. My lack of time and ability to ride caused me to miss out on some of the most amazing adventures. If you’re able to travel by bike, do it. It’s such a fun, cheap way for traveling. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll be able to rent a bike; There are so many places to go and see on a bike.

Go camping!

People often look back on their experiences with regret. I’ve never been the type to go back on my word or make promises I can’t keep. This goes back to the best way to see the world on foot. If you want a more luxurious way, go camping. Camping, however, is not a choice I would make. You’re going to sleep on the floor, eat awful food, and drink your weight in coffee. What’s not to love?

Hike in the park or on a mountain

Once you’ve established the fact that you need to hike in the park or on a mountain, you’ll probably think of somewhere and everything. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to choose between a wide range of destinations to hike in. There are so many beautiful places to hike in the US and abroad, it’s a shame to select just a few.


Take a boat ride around the world

If you love going by boat, this is the year for you. From taking a hydrofoil around the coast of Thailand to cruising the Mediterranean to taking a safari through the Amazon, this year was all about boats. If you’re a riverboat lover, this is the year for you.

Drink coffee while eating yogurt and fruit

This one is a no-brainer. Need I say more? Coffee is naturally high in antioxidants, helps with inflammation, and is a natural part of the yogurt and fruit food groups. To drink your coffee, of course, you can sip from a cup or take a shot of espresso. To take your yogurt or fruit, you can snack on nuts or berries.

This year, I wanted to take some time for myself and explore different parts of the world. The first thing I did was cancel my trip to the Maldives and go on a two-week vacation in the United States instead. This way, I could fully immerse myself in American culture and enjoy the benefits of a more relaxed schedule. I also wanted to explore different parts of the country and the world using my RV. This was the perfect method for me to explore different parts of the country, such as the Eastern Seaboard, the Great Lakes, and the Rocky Mountains. It allowed me to get a true feel for the people, culture, and lifestyle of each location. This is the second year in a row that I’ve taken a year off from school to travel.

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